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Ritter, Cygnus

Ritter, Cygnus

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Jorge Ritter, Cygnus
For solo guitar, fingered by César Lara.

Cygnus was written in 1998 and dedicated to the Mexican guitarist Marco Antonio Anguiano (1951-2000). Although the title could refer to the homonymous constellation, there is no programmatic relationship among the two, he chose that name for the simple euphony of the word. The first movement “Preámbulo”, has a reiterative rhythm with a clear Latin influence, surprising us with a typical jazz ending. The second movement is a Lullaby, introducing bossa nova sonorities and displaying a very clear influence of blues and jazz guitar techniques. The third movement “Son” is a rondo, in which the chorus combines the presence of strumming with the use of the guitar as a percussion instrument, achieving great strength and an energetic character that contrasts perfectly with the lyrical and expressive episodes. As a specific suggestion of this edition, slurs can be executed with electric guitar technique.

César Lara

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