Collection: Quintón, José Ignacio

José Ignacio Quintón

José Ignacio Quintón (born 1881, Caguas, Puerto Rico) was from a musically talented family. His father was a composer and organist, a graduate of the Conservatory of Music of Paris.  He became his son's first music teacher. When Quintón was two years old his family moved to the town of Coamo, where he later studied piano under Ernesto del Castillo. In 1890, at nine years old, he performed his first concert. At eleven, he provided piano accompaniment for a concert with Cuban violinist Claudio Brindis de Salas Garrido, who acclaimed him highly. 

The majority of Quintón's output is in a traditionalist style. It includes a considerable output of danza music.  Danza El Coquí is the most famous of Quintón's compositions, where the music simulates the sound of the coquí, a tiny frog found in Puerto Rico.