Collection: Duchosal Binaz, Raphaël

Raphaël Duchosal Binaz

Raphaël Duchosal Binaz (born in 2002) is a musician who took up the guitar very early. As his father played the electric guitar himself, he began his intimate relationship with this instrument and discovered a passion for music. 

He began classical guitar lessons at the age of 6 in Daniel Pelli’s class at his local music school, where he enjoyed a classical but open approach to his instrument. In 2017, he began studying in a music and dance technology class at the Annecy Conservatoire alongside his high school studies. It was at this point that jazz and South American music came to the fore in the young guitarist’s playing.

In 2020, he enrolled at the Zurich University of the Arts, where in June 2023, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree and entered the Master’s program specializing in solo performance in Vojin Kocic’s class. From John Dowland to Roland Dyens, from the 16th to the 21st century, he knows how to interpret and be influenced by past, present and future styles.

As a composer, he also aims to enrich the repertoire of the guitar, which, for him, offers a vast palette of colours and sounds that are inevitably familiar. His six strings, therefore, offer a blend of classical repertoire and original compositions.