Collection: Martin Schley

Martin Schley

Martin Schley (born 1997) has been playing the guitar since the age of seven. He began at the Robert Schumann-Conservatory (Zwickau/Saxony) under Martina Schlagmann and Barbara Löffler. While still at the conservatory he participated successfully in national and international competitions, as a soloist and in various chamber music ensembles.

In 2015 he began his studies under Elise Neumann at the Musikhochschule Lübeck, completing a Bachelor´s degree in 2019. Together with his chamber music partner Jesus Carrillo (flute), he earned a Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now scholarship.

In September 2017 he founded the ensemble “drei.klaenge“ (“three sounds”) with fellow students Sophie Kockler (clarinet) and Markus Pauk (bassoon). The trio performs regularly in Northern Germany, and is active in experimenting with modern concert formats. Its main focus is on improvisation, and on the members’ own arrangements and compositions in various styles.

Schley also has a degree as an organist and choirmaster.  

Since October 2019, Schley has been continuing his studies at Lübeck under Professor Otto Tolonen (guitar) and Professor Marno Schulze (elementary music pedagogy).