Collection: Baroni, José

José Baroni
José Baroni is a Venezuelan composer currently living in Lima, Perú. He has composed for documentaries, films, television, and theatre. Violinist David Nuñez says his music “is part of a new generation of Venezuelan composers producing personal works of indisputable value”.
Baroni studied at the Jose Ángel Lamas Music School under Maestro Diogenes Rivas. He also attended many international courses at Arte Reina Sofia’s Center in Spain, including Computer Composition. José Baroni gained international attention in 2011 when he won the First Prize in Musical Composition at the V Berlin Opera Festival with his “Oscilante” for clarinet, violin, and cello. He obtained different international distinctions between 2021 and 2022, such as:
  • 1st Prize in International Competition XI Microjornadas and Contemporary Music, Argentina.
  • 3rd Prize at The Time of the Guitar International Competition, Russia, 2022.
  • 3rd Prize in the 5th International Composition Festival of Florence, Italy, 2022.
  • 1st Prize in the prestigious International Composition Competition Aalborg, Denmark, 2022.
Baroni’s music is the reflection of constructive thought. He touches on themes such as contemplation, nature, and structures. In 2013, he was awarded Best Soundtrack at the Documentary Film Festival in Caracas with “Refugios”.
His work has been played by cellist Pierre Strauch, pianists Dimitri Vassilakis, Jean Jacques Dünki and Kristiina Juntu; violinists David Nuñez and Sona Kochafian; guitarist Pablo Gómez; ensembles
Aleph, Ópera-Nova, and A tempo.
José Baroni co-founded the Kayros Contemporary Music Ensemble, dedicated to broadcasting contemporary music in Venezuela. Baroni is currently doing his Masters in Composition at Simon Bolivar University.