Collection: Bliokh, Konstantin

Konstantin Bliok

Konstantin Bliokh was born in 1976 in Kharkov (Ukraine), and he is currently living in Tokyo (Japan). He studied classical guitar with Sergey Moskalenko and composition with Gennadiy Frolov. He graduated from the Kharkov National University in 1998 and was awarded a PhD degree in physics in 2001. 

He has written more than 40 musical compositions, mostly for classical guitar, and published more than 100 scientific papers. Among his writings are a chamber opera, a suite for guitar and strings, two guitar quartets, five guitar sonatas, several guitar suites, vocal cycles, etc. 

His music has been widely performed in Ukraine and abroad. His pieces have won several international composition competitions, such as Composition Competition of the Italian Guitar Society (2007), the 4th Acerra Guitar Composition Competition (2015), and Composition Competition at the Nordhorn Guitar Festival (2018). His scores have been published by Fuzeau Editions,  Berben Publishing, Editions Esarmonia of Capua, ELGO Production / LIGS, and Bergmann Edition. 

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