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Bauer-Mörkens, Ralf

Ralf Bauer
Ralf Bauer, born in Bonn, studied composition at the Cologne Academy of Music, Classical Guitar, Renaissance and Baroque lute. He also completed his training in Asiantemple instruments and percussion. Concert tours led him to China, Italy, France, Portugal and again and again to Spain, the motherland of the guitar, where he played his pieces, like the "Passacaglia" and the "Sonata Andalucia", a homage to the Spanish and Arabic musical culture, reaches a large audience.
As a composer, he is listed under the name Ralf Bauer-Mörkens. His compositions can be heard in the children's film "Dwarf Nose", "Malcolm in the middle" and "Auf der Brücke von Tod und Leben" (first broadcast ZDF 2016). He wrote plays for Professor Hans Werner Huppertz, Fabricio Mattos, Charles Postlewate, the Munich Guitar Quartet, Colonia guitar quartet, The Coda Duo, Duo CordAria and Duo ReCuerda. For his contribution at an international composition competition on the sequence of notes "B-A-C-H" awarded the first prize.