Collection: Feenstra, Alfred

Alfred Feenstra
Alfred Feenstra (1948) was born in La Haya, Netherlands. He began playing the guitar at the age of fourteen. He was admitted to the Hague Conservatory at 18 years because of his playing despite not knowing notes. He quitted though one year later. As a young adult, he took lessons with David Russel.
Fred started a beautiful guitar shop in Amsterdam, La Guitarra Buena. During the quiet moments, he composed the album Nacido en Valencia in 1980. Valencia, the city Mr Feenstra visited a lot, searching for the best guitars for his shop.
In 1986 he moved with his wife and two sons to a village in Spain near Valencia, where he still lives. Although he worked as a salesman for many years, his heart was still with music, especially the guitar.
In different guitar festivals, he followed masterclasses with Pablo Villegas, Margarita Escarpa, Leo Brouwer, Marcin Dylla and Berta Rojas, and others. (Córdoba, Petrer a.o.) He composed three more albums, "Alma", 2018, "Déjame llevar", 2019, and "Seventy-Four", still in production now. That last work he composed is the first work now being published by Bergmann Edition. The related videos are on Youtube and played by Thu Le.
In 2013 he started The Joaquin Rodrigo Festival in Quartell, the native village of this great composer. In addition, many of Alfred Feenstra's compositions are published on his youtube canal, interpreted by himself or by famous guitarists like Tu Le, Rebeca Oliveira, Karmen Stendler, Andrew Blanch and Kristina O'Varlid.
Since retiring, Fred Feenstra finally has the opportunity to dedicate his time fully to the activity he has longed for so long: the guitar.