Collection: Feenstra, Alfred

Alfred FeenstraAlfred Feenstra (1948) is a Dutch-born composer and performer of guitar music whose works are widely played and recorded by some of today’s leading guitarists, such as Thu Le, Rebeca Oliveira, Karmen Stendler, Andrew Blanch and Kristina O Varlid.
Feenstra began playing at the age of fourteen and later studied at the Hague Conservatory and as a private student of David Russell. He went on to open a renowned guitar shop, La Guitarra Buena, in Amsterdam. In 1980, while working there, he composed the album Nacido en Valencia, Valencia being a city he had often visited to source guitars.
In 1986 Feenstra and his family moved to a village near Valencia, where he still lives. There, he pursued a business career while continuing his musical activities. He took masterclasses with artists including Pablo Villegas, Margarita Escarpa, Leo Brouwer, Marcin Dylla and Berta Rojas.
In 2013 he founded The Joaquin Rodrigo Festival in the village of Quartell, the composer’s birthplace.
Feenstra composed three more albums, "Alma", 2018, "Déjame llevar", 2019, and "Seventy-Four", still in production now. The pieces from “Seventy-Four” are the first to be published by Bergmann Edition. Videos of them, played by Thu Le, can be found on YouTube.
Feenstra’s time is now fully dedicated to playing and composing. His compositions can be found on YouTube, in his own performances and those of other leading artists, and on his website