Collection: Munyi, Kevin

Kevin Munyi
Kevin Munyi started studying cello at the age of 7 under the Suzuki method. At the age of 13, he discovered the guitar, and after seeing two brothers performing a flamenco piece, this became his passion. As a self-taught guitarist, he honed his craft for years learning various pieces from Paco de Lucia, Ernesto Lacuna, Vicente Amigo, Joe Pass, George Benson and more. It was only a short time until he became a frequent live performer at high-profile venues in Kenya, specializing in Latin music. In April 2019, he was featured in the New York Times. The year after, he began focusing on composing, which led to film score opportunities and performances of his original works in Europe and Canada. Since 2020 he has amassed over 250 compositions in classical and contemporary genres.