Collection: Péntek, Tamás


I am a father of five children from a small village in northeast Hungary, where I have been working as a guitar teacher. I studied composition with Miklós Csemiczky and Cosimo Colazzo, I graduated as a composer in 2010. In the following years, I worked on adapting the Venezuelan "El Sistema" in Hungary, teaching music to disadvantaged children. After that I turned to play on the classical guitar in 2018.
I enjoy writing music for my students's level, balancing simplicity with artistic expression. I recommend this book for ambitious music school students or those preparing for a career in music, or even adults who are tired of all the “good old masters” whilst finding the heavier pieces of guitar literature far too difficult. The educational works of Stefan Rak, Francis Kleynjans, Tatiana Stachak, Gary Ryan and Béla Bartók greatly influenced the volume.