Collection: Neri, Niccolò

Niccolo Neri

Niccolò Neri was born in central Italy, Citta’ di Castello (Umbria). His passion for music began at a very young age while studying the classical guitar with guitarist/composer Marco William Duranti and achieving top-grade results at the London College of Music. It is during this period that he developed a liking to folk music as well as other musical genders and a deep interest in original songwriting. Niccolò also studied electric guitar with guitarist Samuele Martinelli and vocal coaching with Nicola Cesarotti (Accademia Visionaria).  

At the age of 19, he joined a country music quartet and a new musical training creating original compositions that allowed him to obtain excellent results at a national level. In this project, he collaborated with Guglielmo Ridolfo Gagliano member of a famous Italian pop band called Negrita and with Paolo Alberta also a well known sound engineer in Italy. The ability to be versatile allowed Niccolò to play with dozens of different groups (worth mentioning is his participation in a live event with top Italian lyricist Mogol in 2015 and with Mariella Nava in 2017). He also collaborated as a touring musician, arranger and teacher, in various recording studios and music schools in the regions of Umbria and Tuscany. Furthermore, Niccolò composed music for RAI TV and Mediaset TV in collaboration with Casamusica. Later he collaborated in some live presentations for musician and poet friend Veronica Lazzari. In 2019 he began his studies at the Rossini Conservatory in the city of Pesaro with guitarist Duccio Bianchi and shortly after he was chosen as a baroque guitarist for a vocal chorus called Coro 1506 at the University of Urbino. Later as guitarist in the Opera “Santo Amato, il pellegrino delle stelle” by Fabio Masini (composer and vice headmaster of the Rossini Conservatory) and followed by a show called “Nel Blu” still by Fabio Masini. 

In 2017 he also developed a passion various stringed instruments like the Argentine Charango, the Greek bouzouki, the ukulele, the mandolin, the banjo and the baroque guitar that has allowed him to collaborate with many other musicians and a variety of different music projects.