Collection: Quinteros, Arturo


Arturo Quinteros (born in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina) is a guitarist, composer and arranger. He studied under Ventura Sosa at the Conservatorio Bufano, San Rafael, and subsequently under Gladys Andreozzi at the Escuela de Musica de la UN, Cuyo.  He has composed over 140 pieces for the guitar; he has also produced a substantial number of arrangements for the instrument. His works have been widely published in Argentina and Europe and have won countless regional and national prizes. In 2014, his composition "Pampeana" (published here by Bergmann Edition) was chosen as an obligatory piece in the international guitar competitions Santa Maria de Los Buenos Aires.

Quinteros’s compositions frequently use Latin American forms, such as milonga or zamba, as their basis and have a strong South American feel to their melodies and harmonies.  They are melodic, inventive and emotive. Excellent versions of many of the composer’s works can be found on YouTube, played by Quinteros and other artists.