Collection: Athanaselos, Thomas

Thomas Athanaselos

Thomas Athanaselos was born in 1990 in Larissa, Greece.  He began to learn classical guitar at the age of 11. At 20, he graduated from the Modern Conservatory of Larissa, where he studied under Theodoros Charos. He continued his guitar studies as a postgraduate under Professor Fotis Koutsothodoros, and attended seminars at the international guitar festivals of Volos and Thessaloniki.  He also has a degree in electric guitar from RGT University of London.

Athanaselos has performed as a soloist throughout Greece. He has presented and recorded his compositions with other artists like Steelmuse, The Blue Jazz Duo, and Quitartetto, and participated in a number of guitar festivals. His repertoire includes the classical and modern repertoire as well his own compositions. He is the founder of the Guitar Festival of Larissa (Greece). 

Since 2010, Athanaselos has taught guitar at the Modern Conservatory of Larissa, the Guitar Conservatory Kitharodeio and, more recently, the music conservatory of Nikaia Larissa.

Athanaselos’s compositions published by Bergmann Edition are beautifully melodic and evocative. They have subtle echoes of eastern music, jazz and occasionally flamenco, with lyrical tunes, rhythmic drive and virtuosic elements.  Visit his website or his YouTube channel  for video of these pieces.