Collection: Stevens, Andreas

Andreas Stevens
ANDREAS STEVENS has focused his research activities on the guitar’s history and repertoire in German-speaking countries. His articles have been published mainly in German magazines (gitarre aktuell, Concertino, Phoibos) and books, but also in international magazines like Soundboard (USA), il Fronimo (Italy), Classical Guitar (UK), Roseta (Spain) Gendai Guitar (Japan) and books. He is responsible for the recovery of the long-lost collection of the Gitarristische Vereinigung and its relocation to the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich, where it is now known as the Gitarristische Sammlung Fritz Walter und Gabriele Wiedemann). Stevens was awarded the chitarra d’oro for musicological research in 2012, at the 17th convegno internazionale di chitarra in Alessandria. Together with Gerhard Penn he founded (in 2007) and has continued to convene the biennial Lake Konstanz Guitar Research Meeting. He has given lectures in Austria, England, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. In his series Alla tedesca: Guitar music of the German-speaking countries (Aurea Vox), he has recorded 2 CDs of selected compositions by Heinrich Albert and Anton Stingl. His editions of scores by Heinrich Albert are published by Trekel and Zimmermann. He is head of the Department of Plucked Instruments at the Clara-SchumannMusikschule Duesseldorf.