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Nicola Corti

Nicola Corti is a musician, composer, creator of musical instruments, music therapist and music teacher. A graduate of the Conservatory of Florence, he plays guitar, drums, percussion, bass and many other instruments. He started his performing career as a side-player in 1978 and went on to found numerous bands (e. g. Africa X, Officine Croma, Ebony Lux), playing different musical genres including reggae, jazz, punk, pop, manouche, and classical music.

Since 1995 Corti has been writing and composing original songs with patients in healthcare settings, where he works as a music therapist, producing more than 300 songs and instrumental compositions. He has released several CDs of songs co-written with patients affected by mental illness and Alzheimer’s, and with older people in retirement homes.

Corti is a member and co-founder of the PAM association (a project for music therapy with older people) and the CROMA association (electronic music, live bands and environmentally sound design). 

Corti now runs courses and workshops in building instruments from recycled materials. He began experimenting in this field in 1995, creating new instruments and different kinds of drums, mixing conventional and unconventional materials like PVC pipes from building construction and creating various alternatives to standard instruments.  Currently, he produces some 50 handcrafted models, many of which are owned and played by drummers such as Clive Bunker, Piero Borri, Alex Raimondi, Alessandro Gimignani, Adua Tognetti, and Marie Rose Sarri. He also crafts a range of instruments such as xylophones and metallophones, harp, viola, bass and double bass, gongs, bells, acoustic and quartitonal guitars.

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