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Andrey Lebedev
Andrey Lebedev (Andrey Lebed) was born in St Petersburg, Russia, and since 1994 he has lived near Stuttgart (Germany).
He studied at the renowned Gnesin Music Academy in Moscow and at the Glinka State Conservatory in N.Novgorod by Prof. Alexander Frauchi, a leading Russian guitarist at that time. In Stuttgart, he continued his studies with emphasis as a soloist at the University of music. He attended master courses by renowned international guitarists such as A. Gilardino, A. Pierri, L. Brouwer, and H. Cruz. He undertook countless concert tours throughout Europe. He has also performed on television and radio and has been booked for film music recordings.
For several years A. Lebedev has dedicated himself to performing popular Latin American music and regularly works with musicians from South America. He has arranged several works and composed his own pieces in this style.
His interest in Latin American music and rhythms inspired him to travel to Brazil and Cuba, where he immersed himself in the rich heritage of Brazilian and Cuban music. In addition to playing classical guitar, he also plays the 7-stringed Brazilian guitar and the Tres Cubano.
He has recorded five CDs with different international line-ups of musicians. In the music of Andrey Lebedev, Latin American rhythms, jazz harmony, and classical music intertwine to create highly original arrangements and compositions.
Lebedev´s compositions published by Bergmann Edition also have these previously mentioned elements, and they are intended for guitar players with advanced skills.
In 2007 he won the first prize in the Baden-Württemberg World Music Competition in Reutlingen. He is also an excellent guitar teacher. In addition, many of his pupils have won awards in national and international competitions.
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