Collection: Nagtzaam, Peter

Peter Nagtzaam (b. 1953, the Netherlands)
Peter Nagtzaam (b. 1953, the Netherlands)
At the age of ten, I watched two nieces playing the guitar while singing "Down by the Riverside". That woke my interest in music. I started playing the guitar shortly after at the age of 11.
I followed my first lessons at a local music school in Emmeloord.
Due to various reasons, I could follow the lessons only for one year.
I kept playing and learning, mainly popular music, but also I was interested in classical music. At the age of 32, I followed private lessons with a jazz musician in Kampen, Berry Selles.
My interest in various types of music was growing, but being a fruit tree grower as my profession, I did not have to much time to invest in playing.
At the age of 58, I decided to follow Flamenco-lessons with Errol Pawiroredjo in Zwolle, and I started composing pieces.
At age 64, I started following lessons in music-notation with Annette Kruisbrink. And so I could offer my music to be played by Aldo Likafi, a talented Greek guitar player, who finished his music studies at the conservatory of Groningen with a degree as Master of Music.
I still like composing more than being a performer, mainly to avoid all the stress around a performance.