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Ananyev, Max

Максим Ананьев

Max Ananyev (Максим Ананьев) is a guitarist and composer from St. Petersburg.

At the time of 2019, the musician's discography includes four albums published on CDs by Serein, Preserved Sound and Fancymusic labels.

Max says about his music: "I like the atmosphere of detachment and thoughtfulness. The main thing for me is the atmosphere and depth. Perhaps St. Petersburg and its environs with northern pine forests, the calm Baltic Sea formed my vision. I write music that does not scream, does not roar about itself, but creates a filter for perceiving reality. Unlike traditional guitar performance, most of my pieces have an unpredictable variable tempo and dynamic range. That is the main idea of my music: all the processes taking place in nature and even in our daily lives are very varied and unpredictable. The wind does not blow with the same force; the branches of the trees do not move at the same pace; the lightning does not strike at the same place. The movement of time is not predictable, and no one can vouch for what will happen in the next moment."

In addition to pieces for classical guitar, Max records electro-acoustic and ambient music. Some of his compositions have sounded on the BBC radio. Critics of Apple Music praised the album "Frontier". As a result, many pieces were on top lines of the international playlists of classical music and have got thousands of streams worldwide. Music from the album is present in this collection