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Alilovic, Filip

Filip Alilovic
Filip Alilovic (born 1989) is a Croatian classical guitarist, music teacher and composer, living in Dortmund/Germany.
As a child of Croatian emigrants, he came into contact with the music of his country of origin and "western" music at an early age. After an early musical education, he received private lessons in the northwest of Dortmund and continued his guitar training with Prof. Frank Gerstmeier, which he completed in 2011. He received his compositional and music theory training from several lecturers, including Reinhard Michel and Professor Werner Seiss.
In his young years, his stage program consisted mainly of his works. More and more sponsoring associations, as well as other cultural organizations, promoted his artistic work and educational path. Composing for several formations and instruments, even apart from the guitar, his writing style is characterized by the lively mixture of old and modern composition techniques. He arranged also works for the classical guitar made by other composers, including the famous Toccata and Fugue by J.S Bach and the string sextett concerto "Souvenir De Florence" written by Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikovsky.