Collection: Saberi, Ashkan

Saberi, Ashkan

Ashkan Saberi is an Iranian composer and guitarist. He studied music in Iran from the age of 14, eventualyy studying under Kaveh Daneshmand and Afshin Torabi, and conducting under Nader Mashayekhi. Later, at the conservatory of Turin, Italy, he studied under Professor Giorgio Colombo Taccani. 

Saberi has performed as a guitarist in Iran and Europe; and has composed music for guitarists including solo and ensemble pieces. His Three Preludes for Solo Guitar were written in Iran. The first (2011) is dedicated to Iranian guitarist Afshin Torabi and was performed in Quebec. The second (2014) is dedicated to Norwegian Guitarist Christina Sandsengen and was performed at the Guitar Festival of Peru. The third (also written in 2014) is dedicated to Russian Guitarist Rovshan Mamadkuliev. 

Saberi’s style is tonal and melodic with touches of lyricism,  and influences from jazz and Latin American styles. It is highly individual and full of unexpected touches.