Collection: Bocklenberg, Thomas

Thomas Bocklenberg

In the 1980s, Thomas Bocklenberg studied guitar at the Robert-Schumann Institut Düsseldorf with Prof. Maritta Kersting, composition and instrumentation with Prof. Günther Becker. This was followed by studying electronic music and computer composition at the Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen with Prof. Dirk Reith. His works, which have been performed in various European countries, include compositions for various instrumentations, ranging from solo and chamber music to orchestral and electronic music. Over the years, he has been a member of various ensembles as a lutenist, guitarist, composer and arranger and has gained experience in film and studio productions. In addition, Bocklenberg works as a teacher mainly for guitar and guitar ensembles.

To meet the requirements of contemporary music, he plays the lute in a way that is aesthetically different from historical techniques. Compositional ideas and playing techniques influence each other. So he tries to remain flexible and open in his playing technique. Obviously, he has written numerous compositions for guitar, lute and theorbo, including pieces of different styles as well as music for instrumental lessons.

The plucking instruments, especially the lute and theorbo, have fascinating sonic qualities. There is a chance for composers and players to break away from the cliché of an exclusively historical instrument. It would pave the way for contemporary lute and theorbo music and new developments in instrument making.