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Cigliano, Giovanni

Giovanni Cigliano

An eclectic and versatile guitarist, Giovanni Cigliano, is an artist with an unmistakable surname (he is the grandson of Fausto, a well-known Neapolitan singer).

His skill is not inferior to expectations; graduated from the San Pietro a Maiella Conservatory in Naples, he dedicated himself to different musical styles under the guidance of both the greatest Neapolitan artists of the moment and the international scene.

He studied classical guitar, jazz, fingerpicking, finger percussion, electric and currently studies flamenco at the conservatory of Terni under the guidance of Juan Lorenzo and supervised by Lucio Pozone and Ernesto Bravo Perez. He also studies country guitar at MMI in Biella under the guidance of Andrea Cesone.

He actively collaborates with numerous schools and academies in Naples and has, to his credit, numerous participations with artists of the national panorama, in fact in 2013 he took part in the Italian tour of the well-known presenter Alessandro Greco

He is Endorser and collaborator of the La Mancha company, a prestigious Spanish brand of classical and flamenco guitars, acquired by the German Reinhardt Bestacoustics.

In 2014 he released his first solo acoustic disc entitled "DREAM" dedicated to the use of open tunings. 

(Lucio Pozone)