Collection: Bursalioglu, Alp Ozan

Alp Ozan Bursalioglu is a Turkish classical guitarist and academician working as an assistant professor at the FMPA at Pamukkale University.
He began his bachelor degree in Bilkent University with Kursad Terci, and during his B.M. he has performed at several prestigious events in Turkey and Europe such as Türkiye Gitar Buluşması, Ankara; Association of Guitarist of Southeast Europe ASEG, Slovenia, the first prize in Zuidlaren Guitar Festival, The Netherlands and the second prize in Yıldız Teknik Guitar Festival, Turkey.
In 2008, he started his Master’s Degree in Conservatorium Maastricht with Carlo Marchione. In 2017 finished his PhD degree in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. In 2018, he taught at Pamukkale University where he continues to teach at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts Guitar Department.