Collection: Giannoni, Marco

Marco Giannoni

Marco Giannoni is an Italian composer. Born and raised in Rome, he studied at the Conservatory “Alfredo Casella” in Aquila (Italy) and at the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique in Paris (France).

Giannoni’s versatile and original music makes him one of the most interesting authors in the European contemporary arena. He is the author of several instrumental and vocal works, concrete and electronic music, music for dance and performances, diverse scores for documentaries, feature films, and short films in Italy and the USA.  He has won numerous international music composition awards; his pieces are regularly commissioned and performed both in Italy and abroad, and his music is published in Italy, Denmark and Japan.

His early interest in the relationship between the body and new technologies has inspired him to create a sequence of works based on the body as the source of the sound, such as the series of concrete music Corpus; the contemporary dance piece Corpo a Corpo; and his live performance (san)Seb., which has become the last act of an ideal trilogy that sees the body as the focal point of the composer’s reflections.

Giannoni teaches classical guitar, music theory and composition for dance, theatre and film to young musicians in several music schools in Italy. He also published highly acclaimed textbooks, articles on music history and musical analyses. His works are listed in the database of Italian composers of Cim-Unesco.