Collection: Williams, Andrew

Andrew Williams

Welsh-born composer A J Williams began writing for classical guitar in 2016.  Previously an acoustic/electric guitarist and songwriter, he has retained a songwriter’s ear for melody and chord structure, making his pieces accessible to the listener.  The music is a highly eclectic mix, with echoes of classical, ballad, folk melody, popular music (particularly European chanson), Latin and film music. Underneath the apparent simplicity of the pieces, there is considerable complexity and constant movement, leading many guitarists to comment on their technical difficulty.  They are largely characterised by having a number of interweaving voices carrying sub-melodies and counter-melodies, like the instruments of an ensemble.

Williams now has a substantial body of work published by Bergmann Edition including individual pieces and volumes of Complete Works for Solo Guitar.

Chris Dumigan, reviewing a volume of the Complete Works on the website, wrote

“This man’s music needs to be seen, heard and played. His music is really like no other’s I have previously come across, and the harmonies are constantly inventive and sometimes chromatic, without resorting to any atonality.”

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(photo: Andy Hockridge, 2018)