Collection: Biberian, Gilbert


Gilbert Biberian

Gilbert Biberian (born on the 19th of February 1944) is a British guitarist and composer.
He was born in Istanbul, Turkey, of Greek-Armenian heritage.

Biberian's ethnic roots are integral to his compositions. He studied at Trinity College of Music, graduating in 1968. In 1965 a French Government grant took him to France to study with Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya.

He studied composition with James Patten, Elisabeth Lutyens and Hans Keller and widened and enriched his musical knowledge by working with non-guitarists Anthony Kinsella (piano) and Vic Bennett (clarinet).

Biberian has played at the Proms, at Covent Garden and has performed concertos and given solo recitals worldwide.

He has always enthusiastically encouraged and championed the creation of new compositions for guitar. As a result, many composers have written and dedicated pieces to him (for solo and ensemble).

Biberian has composed many works for solo and ensemble guitar. His guitar compositions are being recorded and performed by an ever-increasing number of guitarists.