Collection: Kim-Sheng, Michael

Kim-ShengI am a producer and composer between musical worlds. Born into a musical family, I started piano lessons at the age of 4. The music of Chopin and Debussy was always playing in the background at home, and it continues to resonate in my compositional voice. As a teenager, my friends introduced me to new genres of music, and I was driven to learn electric guitar, drums, and sound recording. My musical work is a meeting between these backgrounds, falling between classical and popular genres, and combining acoustic instruments with electronic rhythms and textures. I pursued formal studies in composition at Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, and at McGill University. I won the SOCAN grand prize for emerging composers in 2018. Emerging from my studies, I have been refining my unique voice as a creator, and honing my craft in electronic music production, culminating in the release of my debut EP Haven of Lavender in 2019. I have also been working as a piano instructor, a video game composer, and I manage my own youtube channel. These additional activities challenge and develop my engagement as a composer in my community. 

As an artist, I am always considering the feelings that composition can evoke in my body, and it is often a sensation that drives me to create. Many of my compositions have come from a spontaneous feeling of being moved, and I consider it my duty to bring these feelings to life through music.