Collection: Lemieux, Eric F

Eric F Lemieux 

Eric F Lemieux is a Canadian composer, guitarist and poet who creates original music for all types of ensembles. His influences are many and varied. They range from Gaspar Sanz’s intimate Renaissance counterpoint to contemporary electro-symphonic; and from classical forms to modern fusion styles like that of Alan Holdsworth. He aims to bring together and draw parallels between styles and universes that may at first appear at odds with one another. His diversified musical studies have earned him a Masters’ degree in musical composition under Alan Belkin at the University of Montreal. Past teachers have also included Jacques Hétu, Michel Longtin and Jose Evangelista. Some of his guitar music has been published in distinguished guitar magazines around the world, including “Akustik Guitarre” (Germany). He currently teaches music and works in many creative endeavours in Montreal. His first CD release entitled “Three Suites for Guitar” is distributed worldwide by Centaur Records. He has also written several soundtracks for film.

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