Collection: Rengifo, Silvio Martínez

Silvio Martínez Rengifo

Silvio Martínez Rengifo guitar player, composer and pedagogue. Silvio was born in the city of Palmira – Valle del Cauca, Colombia on July 11, 1946. He is a well-known composer and guitar teacher with a deep sensibility and huge music experience. He has a great knowledge in the Iberoamerican music genres and the music rhythms of his country.

Silvio begin his music career in the “Conservatorio Antonio Maria Valencia” in the city of Cali, Colombia with the guidance of the Master Hernán Moncada where he obtained during five consecutive years, an honor scholarship.

On 1974 he moved to Spain to continue with his master studies. He specialized in the “Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid” with the guidance of the Master Jose Luis Rodrigo and at the same time he studied with the guidance of the guitar player and composer Jorge Cardoso who taught him music of the south American folklore. Later on, he studied music from the renaissance to baroque with the guidance of the Master Gerardo Arriaga.

As a concert performer, Silvio made important performances in Europe and Colombia. He was guest on the Spain national radio and television and he made performances in France and Sweden as guitar player of recognized artist. He made soloist performances with the “Orquesta de cuerdas Iberoamericana” and with important music chamber groups. He took part in international music courses focused on the guitar techniques and interpretation organized by the “Sociedad Española de la Guitarra”.

As a pedagogue, Silvio was professor of the “Real Conservatorio de Música de Madrid” and when he returned to Colombia, he was the music director of the classical guitar chair at the “Music Conservatory Antonio María Valencia” in the city of Cali, Colombia. In this conservatory, he made teaching workshops and created a project for the early learning of the guitar, a method focused on children.

From January 1995 until June 2019, he was the director and teacher of the Classical Guitar department in the Music Faculty of the “Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga - UNAB”. Five years later, he started and opened the Classical Guitar department in the “Universidad Industrial de Santander – UIS”.

Silvio has received different honors and tributes in different music scenarios, universities and cultural houses such as: la Casa del Libro Total, Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, el Festivalito Ruitoqueño and la obra cultural Monte de Piedad de Madrid (Spain). In 2011 the Publishing firm “Periferia Music of Barcelona (Spain)” published his work: “Pasillo Candoroso” y Bella” and the “Suite Colombiana Número 3”. Later on in 2012, his work: “Concierto para guitarra y orquesta sinfonica– Alma Campesina”, has its debut on the “Museo Arqueologico de Alcalá de Henares” in Spain.

His catalogue for the guitar is composed of: three suites for the guitar: “Poema Campesino” concert for guitar and string orchestra, “Alma Campesina” concert for guitar and orchestra, “Amalgdrama Campesino” concert for guitar and string orchestra. 12 basic studios for the guitar, 2 Pasillos for double bass and guitar trio, 6 elemental trios for guitar, 4 pieces for guitar quartet, a big number of Colombian dance pieces and south American folklore, and finally 7 south American pieces which led him win on 2019, the music contest organized by “Instituto Municipal de Cultura” of Bucaramanga, Colombia, in the composition field.

In addition to his music catalogue, he is author of different music pedagogic methods such as: “Metodo y Sistematización Panel I y II” focused in the early learning of the guitar. Three books of music theory written with south American rhythms. 10 south American pieces, 9 south American pieces, 10 south American pieces for piano, 10 piano pieces for children, 10 pieces for violin and piano for children.

Silvio Martínez Rengifo
Bucaramanga – Colombia