Collection: Zelenka, Milan

Milan Zelenka has played a significant role in developing guitar music in the Czech Republic. As outright winner of numerous international guitar competitions (Moscow, Vienna) he has become the country´s foremost guitarist and has performed on some of the world´s most renowned concert venues in Europe, Asia, Japan, and the USA.

Milan Zelenka is a Professor at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He has taught a whole generation of young guitarists, some of whom belong to respected concert performers.

Next to his university teaching, Zelenka runs master classes abroad and is often invited to juries of crucial international guitar competitions. His vast repertoire includes all music periods. A significant characteristic of Zelenka´s artistic profile is his deep interest in contemporary music; many works have been dedicated to him. In recent years, he has intensely worked on his composition. He is a frequent guest of recording studios, both local and international. Zelenka´s virtuoso playing can be heard on stage and on several published CDs. He helped to introduce the guitar to the Czech concert life. Today, his excellent pupils continue this tradition; the world-famous Pavel Steidl belongs among these. Some of those who graduated under him work in conservatory teaching positions.