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Biegelaar, Joop

Joop Biegelaar

Joop Biegelaar (b. 1946) grew up in The Hague. (Netherlands). He bought his first guitar around the age of ten, experimenting with it until he joined a rock ’n roll band. He became the driving force behind the band both as a guitarist and songwriter. This of course in sharp contrast with his prior musical experiences as a choir boy in the local parish church where Gregorian melodies had shaped and inspired his musical mind.

In his adolescent years playing the guitar occupied Joop far more than attending his High School studies. His weekends were spent performing at venues across The Hague and surrounding areas. Eventually his parents came to realise music would always come first for Joop. Yet it was still a bit of a struggle to convince them to let him study at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Once there, inspired and motivated by his Tutor Koos Tigges, Joop soon swapped his electric guitar for a classical guitar pursuing a future career as a solo artist.

During his studies Joop went on tour in Great Britain. Whilst in Scotland he was offered a position as a Guitar Tutor. He took up the position and remained there for four years, teaching at two High Schools and the Carnegie Institute. On behalf of the Scottish Arts Council he took part in several recitals and regularly performed on BBC Radio.

On his return to The Netherlands he graduated with highest Honours and worked closely with Sieto and Marijke Hoving as well as Rob de Nijs as part of Cabaret “Tingel Tangel”. He then taught Music Therapy to students at the College of Social Pedagogy in Middeloo. At the age of 27 he became Managing Director of the Sint Frans Centre for the Arts in Etten-Leur.

Joop’s love of composing started while playing in the Rock band and remained his passion throughout his life. Even though his compositions are uncomplicated, they are well written for the guitar and easy on the ear with audible influences from genres such as Folk, Rock and Jazz. He has been inspired by many classical guitar compositions and frequently pays homage to composers such as Heitor Villa Lobos and Fernando Sor. Composing is part of Joop’s everyday life.