Collection: Edvardsen, Reidar

Edvardsen, Reidar

Reidar Edvardsen is a Norwegian classical guitarist, mandolinist, teacher and conductor. He has performed in international festivals throughout Europe and has been engaged regularly by the main philharmonic orchestras and the national opera in Norway for over 30 years.  In 1996 he was among the founders of the European Guitar and mandolin Association (EGMA), of which he was president between 2000 and 2002. 

Edvardsen has written numerous arrangements for his own use, including guitar solo and chamber music, and music for plucked string orchestra. He also produces new editions of rare original guitar solo and chamber music.  He has recently researched the history of guitar music in Norway in the 19th century, and published new editions of this music (Norsk Musikkforlag).   

Bergmann edition presents a selection of works written or arranged by Edvardsen, covering a wide range of genres and musical eras, and including guitar; guitar and voice; and mandolin orchestra. 

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