Collection: Turell, Ange

Ange Turell
Ange Turell (b. 1964) is a Swedish guitarist, composer and arranger. He has been creating music in different styles from an early age, starting off in the field of rock music, later moving on to the realm of classical music. He studied guitar and composing in Gothenburg, Sweden. His works for solo guitar are truly eclectic – they are firmly rooted in the classical tradition but also draw inspiration from jazz and folk music.
The tonal language has obvious traces of impressionism and at times hints of renaissance and baroque music. In addition to that, it often draws inspiration from the sounds, harmonies and techniques associated with 20th century composing as well. A melting pot of ideas and influences! Throughout this oeuvre, there is a profound lyrical side, always present in the music. Ange’s works are published by Lathkill Music Publishers and Bergmann Edition. He is also an active performer of his own music and a recording artist, with several CD:s available.