Collection: Sirois, Claude

Claude Sirois
French-Canadian guitarist Claude Sirois (b.1949) is a long-term resident of Laval, Quebec. He recorded his first single in 1968 with the band “L’Équipe 79”, while still at school. He subsequently studied classical music, and adapted the technique of classical guitar to the music of Quebec. His guitar music was highly successful from the outset. He had hit albums with “Guitare seule” (1977) and “Une guitare” (1978). These were followed by a string of well-received albums in various styles including “Pour ceux qui aiment” (1979), “Au rythme du vent et des cordes” (1981), and “Verseau” (1985). He has also published many guitar books and compilation albums. His music has been widely played on radio and TV and has been used as TV theme music. He has continued writing and composing to the present day: in the last twenty years he has published 12 books and five CDs. He also remains active in teaching guitar and ensemble music.