Collection: Seeck, Thomas J.

Thomas J. Seeck
Thomas J. Seeck is a teacher in a middle school in Germany. He studied music, arts and English at the Wilhelms-University in Münster/Westphalia. His favourite instrument always was the guitar, but he also learned some piano in Münster and at the Trinity-and-All-Saints College near Leeds, England (now Trinity College Leeds). He started composing for the guitar at the age of about 14. Compositions by Maria Linnemann, Francis Kleynjans and Andrew York inspired his work. Thomas offered his music online, and people started playing his pieces. You find pieces like “La Rose d’argent” , “Sailing”, or “Linn of Dee” on YouTube. The most successful piece on YouTube is “Entrada” for guitar and recorder ensemble. Thomas works as an English, Music and Arts teacher. His favourite pastime is composing music for guitar and recorder in various combinations.

“When I started studying music, I did it mostly to get the free guitar tuition. My teachers were Wolfgang Seemann and Axel Zinowsky. Both were great teachers, and I am very thankful for their loving kindness and encouraging ways of teaching. I had my sideways into popular and very briefly into jazz music but always returned to the “classical” guitar music from all centuries as my favourite. I never learned or studied composition. Therefore, I think my pieces come from a source within me. Of course, you kind of “study” counterpoint when you work on pieces by Bach or Visée, but it was only a minor subject in my studies.
My favourite music is Bach’s trio sonatas for the organ and its renditions for guitar and harpsichord. His harpsichord concerts are eternal, as is his entire oeuvre. On the other hand, I like modern guitar pieces from York, Towner or Kleynjans.
I was walking on air for days when I first discovered my music recorded on YouTube by the people out there. So, working with Bergmann Edition is an honour and joy to my heart. All my music is a gift from heaven. The J. in my name is from my father’s first name, “Johann”, but it could also stand for Jesus, my most amazing inspiration.”
Thomas J. Seeck