Collection: Tsoutsis, Angelos

Angelos Tsoutsis with guitar.

Angelos Tsoutsis started playing the guitar in 1992. He began by playing Greek folk music (Nikolas Asimos, Theodorakis, and Savvopoulos among others), and other styles such as metal, rock, and classical guitar. He has over the years learned through many hours of improvisation and experimentation. He has learned from many other musicians: for the guitar, his main influence has been Lertis Koulis.  Although Tsoutsis has gained a degree from the conservatory of Thessaloniki, studying under Fotis Baxes, he considers himself mainly self-taught as a performer and composer. 

Tsoutsis also studied music therapy for three years under Dora Psaltopoulou, the leading teacher in this field, achieving a degree in the Boney method in Guided Imagery and music, in which the object is to find healing elements in music.  Tsoutsis has made many live and unedited recordings in which he captures the strong the connection between his music and the sound and spirit of nature. 

Tsoutsis has worked with different types of music in a variety of environments: his musical activities have included teaching, composing, arranging and stage performance.

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