Collection: Funicelli, Stanley A

Stan Funicelli

Stanley A Funicelli is a composer, theorist, conductor, and guitarist. He teaches and writes about each of these topics. He received his BM and MMus in music theory and composition from the University of Utah and postgraduate studies at Columbia University.

He has worked as a copyist/arranger and has taught for over 50 years at the university, college, charter school, and privately for all levels from beginning to professional, teaching theory, composition and classical guitar. He is engaged in writing works on theory, specifically set theory, overtones, Bach studies and analysis, as well as treatises on composition and counterpoint and technical studies for the guitar and related instruments. He has recorded and performed on classical guitar, 10-string guitar and the 13-string baroque lute hybrid known as the "Dresden Guitar."

His original works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, solo instruments and transcriptions for guitar trios and ensembles have been performed worldwide, with the guitar trios recorded and toured worldwide by the California Guitar Trio. He has received awards from the LeRoy Robertson Foundation, The Utah Arts Council, The Utah Arts Festival, The Jerome Foundation and the St. Paul Symphony, as well as an Award of Special Merit from the ASCAP/Nissim Foundation. The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, the Utah Symphony, The Olomouc Philharmonic, the U of Fla University Orchestra at Gainesville, the Gainesville Chamber Orchestra, and the Utah Arts Festival Orchestra have performed his orchestral works.

Mr Funicelli has completed over 700 original works, focusing recently on solo violin, classical guitar, guitar ensemble, string quartet, string orchestra and full orchestra. He is presently at work on one of two planned vocal projects.

A partial list of works, articles, and recorded performances is available on his blog at Midi files and recorded and videotaped performances can be found on YouTube and SoundCloud.