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Eugenio, Gli amanti di Verona

Eugenio, Gli amanti di Verona

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Roberto Eugenio, Gli amanti di Verona
for solo guitar

About Regression:
This piece is dedicated to my dear friend EmilianoGentili; I have used his native language, Italian, in the title as a token of my affection.
I have always been captivated by the story of Romeo and Juliet, and for many years I have thought about composing a piece like this, expressing the melodrama of the tale purely through the medium of music.
The musical structure of this composition is in two parts. There is an introduction, which depicts the internal struggle of the protagonists and the difficulties they face in trying to gain acceptance for their love.
This is expressed through fast passages and an enveloping soundscape. Then follows the main theme, in which players must indulge themselves and deploy all their expressive resources. Finally, there is a recapitulation of the first theme supplemented by some virtuoso passages which reflect the protagonists’ pain, anguish and desperation.
I hope players will enjoy the challenge of this piece.

Roberto Eugenio

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