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Edvardsen, Ballade

Edvardsen, Ballade

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Reidar Edvardsen, Ballade for Mandolin Orchestra.

Variations on a Norwegian folk tune.
The theme for Ballade is known as “Skogmøte hass Togjer Sjeille” (Togjer Sjeille’s Encounter in the Forest), or by its first line, “Stusleg sundags-kvelden..” (Lonely Sunday evening…..). The song was written in the early 1770s, by Edvard Storm (1749-1794).

Technical details, like strokes and tremolo, are given both in score and parts, but with regards to readability, not on every note.
For each variation, tremolo and strokes are given as patterns to be continued

  • Product: Digital PDF or Print on Demand
  • Included the following: Partitur (16 pages),
    Parts: Mandolin 1 (4 pages), Mandolin 2 (4 pages), Mandola (4 pages), Guitar (4 pages), Bas (4 pages)
  • Total: of 36 pages 
  • Duration: 6:00 
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Order number: BE-190610
  • ISMN 979-0-706810-28-7