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McKay, Canción de La Plata

McKay, Canción de La Plata

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Canción de La Plata

A piece for guitar by Conall McKay

Canción de la Plata
Buenos Aires, Argentina is where I first began to learn guitar. Ever since then, I have had a strong affection for the music of that city and country.
This piece is heavily influenced by the forms of Argentine folk music, especially the milonga, but as is usually the case with the music I write in this style, I choose to depart from the form when it seems appropriate to me. Principally this departure is reflected in frequent changes of time signature which help to provide variety yet should present no real difficulty to the intermediate to advanced player since the quaver pulse never changes, other than gradually as in ritardandi or between sections.
Conall McKay, September 2022

  • Product: Self Print (PDF) or Print on Demand
  • Pages: 16 pages (six pages with music)
  • Level: Intermediate 
  • Order number:  BE-221216
  • ISMN 979-0-706831-44-2

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