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Dumigan, BLUES for Emily

Dumigan, BLUES for Emily

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Chris Dumigan, BLUES for Emily

for solo guitar

This composition was started after I began teaching a lady called, unsurprisingly Emily, who wanted to learn classical guitar. However, she loved playing blues pieces and didn’t
really want to play the ordinary classical repertoire at all. One day, when we were in mid-lesson, she said that maybe it would be nice that I wrote a blues for her, as my library of classical blues solos was beginning to diminish! So I begin the piece, shortly after which point, she stopped her lessons, as she had to spend more time with her family. So the piece lay there for a while, until, during the lockdown, I decided to have another look at it. Here is the end result.

It is moderately advanced and therefore not really for the beginner to play, but I hope that its friendly slightly quirky style will appeal to players who like something a little different and fun to play
Chris Dumigan March 2021

  • Product: Self-print (pdf) or Print on Demand. 
  • Pages: 12 pages (TAB version 16 pages)
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Order number:  BE-210301 
  • Non-tab:  ISMN 979-0-706818-74-0
  • TAB:  ISMN 979-0-706819-04-4
  • Extras: TAB and the ordinary score versions are included in the PDF download.