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Williams, Time and Again

Williams, Time and Again

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Andrew Williams, Time and Again

This piece catches the essence of my writing for guitar.  It is essentially a song. At base, most of what I do is searching for a good song - in my mind, song is the musical form that means most to the greatest number of people.  A strong melody over interesting harmonic progressions in a three-to-five-minute package is a big enough challenge to keep my writing skills stretched for the rest of my life.  And the songs I have always loved the most have something a little strange, haunting or uncanny about them:  I look for moments like that when I’m writing. 

Songwriters think in terms of hooks and chord sequences. This piece was born from a single really compelling chord change (again, that is a songwriter approach) from C # minor to B major. Something in the sonorities of that chord sequence on classical guitar gave me goosebumps, and the rest followed.  It isn’t easy to play but it is really addictive.

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Listen to Andrew Williams playing Time and Again: