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Santoni, Miniatura

Santoni, Miniatura

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Miniatura by Saverio Santoni

For solo guitar

Miniatura is a brief study based on a single sound gesture (ribattuto tones with variable speed) picked up after many experiments on the guitar. This sound gesture has been developed by creating a long melodic arc in which the length of notes (also in terms of polyphony) had a certain variety, so as to create accelerandi and rallentandi with a different profile each time. There are therefore two reference ideas behind the composition: on one hand the technique of continuum (already present in literature and always with interesting technical implications) and on the other an ordinary, indeed ancestral, idea of melody.

Saverio Santoni

  • Product: Self Print (PDF) or Print on Demand
  • Length: 8 pages
  • Level: Intermediate
  • ISMN 979-0-706834-97-9
  • Order number: BE-231010