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Rodrigues, The Breathing Hand

Rodrigues, The Breathing Hand

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Pedro Rodrigues, The Breathing Hand

(English version. This book is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.)

Reflections and Exercises for Classical Guitarists

What a great read Pedro Rodrigues’ book is! Publications about guitar pedagogy have been around since the creation of the instrument, and although the amount of literature on the subject was still somewhat scarce years ago, there are now dozens of pedagogy books available. More doesn’t always mean better though, and I often find too many technical concepts set in stone, or a series of too many unhelpful exercises. I sometimes wish for a slightly more open-minded approach to technique in the literature. Time is precious, and in my opinion guitar pedagogy should aim to make practicing more efficient and technique more economical. This is what the reader will get in this book. Pedro shares his findings, results of many years of research and teaching experience. In these pages are some of the smartest exercises, some sage advice about technique and practicing, a review of the anatomy of the hand, and most importantly is it all tied together by a constant relation to musicality. After all, we are all in this for the love of music, and it is refreshing to read a book that never loses sight of this. Pedro describes a kind of philosophy of playing the guitar, and I am sure this book will help many players; students or concert artists. Thank you, Pedro Rodrigues, for your great contribution to our beautiful guitar’s pedagogy!

Thomas Viloteau

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