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Metreveli, Mysteries of Space and Time

Metreveli, Mysteries of Space and Time

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Mysteries of Space and Time by  Kacha Metreveli

Fantasy for guitar solo.

My composition Mysteries of Space and Time is dedicated to a particular topic that has always occupied many scientists: space and Time. It inspired me strongly, too, and I had the idea to set my thoughts and observations about it to music. No matter where we are, no matter what we do, we live in space and Time.
This whimsical fragmentary piece depicts spatial atmosphere and temporal dimensions. Each fragment deals with a psychological and emotional aspect. The main motif of this composition is the relationship between space, time and man. The music is rich in timbres, different tempos and rhythmic nuances. The fragments transition quickly and take the listener to an imaginary
mysterious world of space and time. The unique sound and technical possibilities of the guitar have enabled me to convey this enigmatic atmosphere.

Kacha Metreveli

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Listen to Kacha Metreveli playing "Mysteries of Space and Time":