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Mair, Mary, Martin & Rocío

Mair, Mary, Martin & Rocío

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Mary, Martin & Rocío
Eight easy pieces for three guitars or ensemble by Angela Mair
These pieces were mainly composed for use in ensemble lessons with children or beginners on the guitar. The last piece, Thunderstorm in Spring, is the exception: I wrote it originally for solo guitar and it was part of my own repertoire. I later arranged it for three voices.
Three Friends is a suite containing three small pieces Mary, Martin and Rocío. These three names of different origins represent friendship across divides and distances.
Looking at a colourful Field Full of Flowers creates a peaceful atmosphere. I tried to translate this into music.
Mi-Tre-Ba is a work of three movements. The first is cheerful, the second communicates calm, and the third is an exhilarating dance in rondo form. The title MiTre-Ba is a fictitious name and is intended to represent the three voices. The movements can, of course, be seen as three independent pieces which can be performed individually.
Thunderstorm in Spring, as mentioned above, is a solo work subsequently arranged for three voices. That’s why you will find more complex rhythms, such as syncopation, in this piece. Peaceful melodies (Spring) alternate with passages symbolizing a strong thunderstorm. This and other sounds of nature are represented by percussive elements.
Have fun playing the pieces with your friends!
(Angela Mair, Vienna, 5th November 2020)
  • Product: Digital (PDF) or Print-on-demand
  • Pages: 24 pages score + 3x8 pages parts
  • Level: Level 1-2
  • ISMN 979-0-706816-38-8
  • Order number:  BE-201101

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