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Erena, El eterno viaje

Erena, El eterno viaje

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Juan Erena, El eterno viaje

for solo guitar.

I compose not how I feel music but how I feel life. An announcement, an absence, a reflection, a smile, the air, the anger, the grief... that is the driving force that helps me to compose.

The present work poses a certain reflection on lived experiences. When our passage in this world becomes a continuous and unpredictable transfer of comings and goings, always going nowhere.

Condemned to move tile on a board where rules are owned by others that arrived earlier and who made themselves the bosses of the playing field. Inhabiting the earth without being able to take a part of natural ownership in this time that we temporary live. Living with the suitcases packed, not finding the comfort of your own home at the end of the day.

Time passes and life is running as a train without destination, a continuous march without end, an eternal journey.

- Juan Erena

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Listen to "El eterno viaje" played by Radu Valcu: