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DeVasto, Homenaje a Gaspar Sanz

DeVasto, Homenaje a Gaspar Sanz

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David DeVasto - Homenaje a Gaspar Sanz

  • Product: PDF or Print on Demand
  • Pages: 12 pages
  • Level: Advanced

These two short pieces represent an homage to Gaspar Sanz, the great pioneer of the Baroque guitar. Sanz's Instrucción de música sobre la Guitarra Espanola represents both a pedagogical method of learning guitar technique, as well as a voluminous collection of solo guitar masterworks. Among this extensive collection are two pieces, Canarios and Passacalles, to which these present works are in homage. The first piece, Sinsontes. (Mockingbird) is a playful response to Sanz's Canarios (Canaries). The theme is recognizable but heavily transformed melodically (fragmentation & sequence), harmonically (substitution & expansion), and rhythmically (asymmetrical meter). The second piece, Passacaglia, like Sanz's Passacalles, is a theme and variations in triple meter based on a recurring bass line. The bass line in this case, is taken from a common "stock" bass from the Baroque period utilizing descending chromatic motion. My goal with the Passacaglia was to make each variation unique while remaining faithful to both the Baroque style and stylistic idioms of the guitar.