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Chadwick, Concerto Brasileiras

Chadwick, Concerto Brasileiras

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Roland Chadwick - Concerto Brasileiras

Guitar Concerto No. 2 in D Major

This guitar concerto has its origins in the 1980s. I was living in Sydney and but a student of guitar performance and composition. The first ideas emerged as early as 1979 with the main theme of the third movement of this concerto. It was only after I had paid the Australian maestro, Tommy Tycho a visit and shown him this and other ideas I was encouraged to take on the task of writing a guitar concerto of my own.

I set to work the next morning and, in time, completed what was my first guitar concerto, but the original ideas did not fit stylistically with the two new movements I'd completed, so I decided to write a second guitar concerto more stylistically consistent with what has now become the finale of this concerto.

If that last sentence has left you spinning and a little dizzy it only goes to show how the course of composition, like that of true love never runs smooth or in a straight line.

This work was originally scored for double wind and full string orchestra, but times have changed, and the idea of getting such a large orchestra to perform what some may see as an anachronism, i.e., a concerto with purposefully written melodies and toe-tapping rhythms, was not going to get me very far.

The current score is for string quartet, contrabass, single winds, trumpet, French horn, xylophone, and classical guitar.

When Concerto Brasileiras becomes famous, the ideal orchestra for the piece would be a Vivaldi-size string section. four 1st and 2nd Violins, two Violas, two Cellos and one Contrabass.

Roland Chadwick.

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  • Length: 96 pages full score + 212 pages parts
  • ISMN 979-0-706836-64-5
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