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Bianculli, Farewell and Adieu

Bianculli, Farewell and Adieu

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Pasquale Bianculli, Farewell and Adieu

Shanties and Folk Songs from the Sea, arranged for solo guitar by Pasquale Bianculli.

Including: Rollin' Down to Old Maui, Pleasant and Delightful, Paddy West, and Leaving of Liverpool.

This collection is dedicated to two people whose scholarship and musicianship inspired my interest in the songs that make up this collection. Jeff Davis, singer, banjo and fiddle player, historian and scholar, and Jeff Warner, collector of songs, one of the finest performers and interpreters of traditional music in the United States, were the folks who brought this music to life for me in a visceral way.

I first learned these tunes in 1972 from “Jeff and Jeff”, as they were known in our amazing little school in Long Island, New York, The Guitar Workshop. Over the years, I never forgot the haunting melodies and the stories behind each song. The Jeffs espoused a view of traditional folk music, which connected the music to the history of America, and celebrated the original men and women who performed this music, whether on a mountaintop in Kentucky or on the deck of a schooner.

Through Jeff Davis, I heard recordings of Frank Proffitt (1913-1965), an Appalachian banjo player who taught the world “Tom Dooley”, and many other singers and storytellers. Warner’s parents, Frank and Ann, collected the songs and field recordings I would hear during our seminars at the Workshop. It was music made at home, before the dawn of youtube or downloading music reduced our attention spans to mere seconds.

They introduced me to the English folksinger Louisa Jo Killen, born Louis Killen; (1934 – 2013), whose legendary recording, “50 South to 50 South”, and the quality of her voice carved these songs into my memory for life.

Pasquale Bianculli

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Listen to Pasquale Bianculli playing "Leaving of Liverpool":

Listen to Pasquale Bianculli playing "Paddy West":

Listen to Pasquale Bianculli playing "Rollin' Down to  Old Maui":

Listen to Pasquale Bianculli playing "Pleasant and Delightful":